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7 Interesting Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo You Might Not Know!

Who doesn’t know this one footballer? He is Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese footballer and also one of the world’s best talents in history. There are several facts about this superstar that maybe many people still don’t know.

Here are seven facts we have collected, check it now!

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

  1. “Ronaldo” is Not His Real Name

CR7, as he is usually called, was born in Madeira, February 5, 1985. He is the youngest child of Maria Dolores Dos Santos Aveiro, a cook, and Jose Diniz Aveiro, a city gardener. He was born with the full name Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro, and there is no name “Ronaldo” there. But his father is a big fan of the former President of the United States and a formerly famous actor, Ronald Reagan. So he decided to give Cristiano the name “Ronaldo” as his second name, which is actually used today.

  1. Healthy body

Reporting from the NY Post, this professional footballer is 33 years old, but his health condition shows that he is still 20 years old. Ronaldo’s doctor in Italy said that the Portugal national team captain could play to a high standard for at least another four years when he was 37-38 years old. Ronaldo’s body only has about 7% body fat, a figure lower than the average professional footballer who has about 10-15% body fat. He also has 50% muscle mass. The former Manchester United player is also one of the highest running speed footballers globally, which is 20-21 mph (8-9 m / sec).

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo Museum

Having a series of glorious and proud achievements, the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum was founded in his hometown, Madeira, Portugal. Since it was inaugurated in December 2013, the museum has become an important destination that tourists must visit in Madeira. The museum, which is located in the Pestana CR7 Hotel area, offers visitors to get to know more about the history of Ronaldo’s life. A bronze statue of Cristiano Ronaldo will greet visitors.

Unlike the one at Madeira Airport, the statue at the entrance to the museum arguably represents Ronaldo’s signature style when celebrating a goal. This sculpture by Brazilian-born Portuguese artist Ricardo Velosa has become a magnet for foreign tourists. Everyone who passes through the streets of this CR7 hotel and museum takes the time to make fun of selfies with the statue.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

  1. Expelled from School

At the age of 14, Ronaldo was expelled from school in Portugal. The reason was that he threw the stool at his teacher. He did this because the teacher often teased Ronaldo about his Madeira accent; even the teacher also insulted Ronaldo’s family’s inability at that time. The incident also resulted in the player being expelled from school.

  1. Plastic Surgery

Behind the handsome face of Cristiano Ronaldo, which captivates many women, some facts are quite surprising. It took Ronaldo years to change his face. He does not hesitate to spend thousands of pounds on maintaining his good looks with plastic surgery. The plastic surgery he has done includes changing the forehead, nose, and teeth. One of the most famous plastic surgeons, Dr. Alex Karidis, estimates Ronaldo’s expenditure in a year for forehead treatment at around 2000 pounds. Meanwhile, to erase the lines in the middle of his nose and mouth, Ronald allegedly spent 1500 pounds. For teeth, he put out 800 pounds for just one tooth, wow!

  1. Diligent Person in Donating Blood

It’s not uncommon for soccer stars to cover their bodies with tattoos. However, Cristiano Ronaldo is not interested in doing this so that the Juventus superstar is clean from permanent ink stains. The reason is that it turns out that she regularly donates blood, so she doesn’t want to follow the styles of her tattooed colleagues. According to the NHS organization that deals with blood donations, blood donors must wait up to 4 months from the last day they get a tattoo on their body. Therefore, it is understandable that Ronaldo never got a tattoo on his body. Great!

  1. Have High Jumps

Jumps and headers are indeed one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s deadly weapons. To perfect his great skills, he has a jump higher than the average NBA player. The data was revealed when Ronaldo underwent a series of biomechanical tests carried out at Chichester University in 2011. Quoted from the Daily Mail, these results are that in a stationary position, Ronaldo can jump as high as 44 cm, while from a running state, his jump reaches 78 cm or 7 cm above the average NBA player.

Ronaldo’s jump generates 5G power from the G-force on take off. This figure is higher than the leap acceleration a cheetah makes. Ronaldo can achieve this high jump because he has a very good physical condition. It is said that the upper body’s muscles have a very important role in the height of the jump. The hours spent by Ronaldo every day in the gym allow his muscles to store a large amount of energy, which is then used to enhance his jumps. Very cool!