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Types of Betting in Sportsbook Online Gambling

The world of sports is a big business.

Various sports that exist like agen bola sbobet which is famous for their sportsbook online gambling in entire country have their respective potential and include one of them soccer or what is known as football. Betting balls that run in this world have a huge flow of money rounds. Every week there are hundreds to thousands of soccer matches that run around the world and can be played in real time via soccer gambling sites like Sbobet that exist today. This has led to the growing interest in soccer betting not only from the fun and hobbies of the ball itself.



Since the first handicap has always been the most idolized bet not only on soccer gambling, because handicaps are also played in other sports betting. Not only in Indonesia but all over the world.

This handicap bet arises because of the difference in quality between the two teams that will compete. These different conditions and qualities are why handicaps are needed and given from a stronger team to a weaker team.

Suppose team A who is rated as stronger gives 1 ball to team B, then if the competition stops with a score of 1-0, then team A wins the bet it still draws because B received 1 ball and made a 1-1 score in a bet.


Over Under (OU) or Over Under

OU betting is also the 2nd famous bet after handicap. This betting category likes to be played because of the simplicity of betting it offers.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned soccer bettor, you can easily understand and remember this betting plan because what you need to predict is not which team can win and lose but the number of goals from a match.


Correct Score or Guess Score

Guessing the score of one match for two 45 minutes is not an easy matter because there are many aspects that cause a tournament to run that can affect the outcome of a match regardless of how well you guess.

Therefore, guessing the real score bet is not a profitable bet. But there is always a certain pride in being able to guess the exact score of a match, especially for bettor mania who like to be challenged.

how to bet on sportsbook gambling

1 x 2 or Home Draw Away

Disturbance of understanding handicaps that are quite difficult to understand for gambling beginners can be removed if you bet on this 1 X 2 bet category. Here you only have to put 1 for the win for the host X for a draw, and 2 for the win for the visitors.


Mix Parlay

Challenge lovers certainly don’t want to miss parlay bets that are difficult to win but challenging to place with lucrative income.

Mix parlay can also be used as a packaged bet.

But in a package, generally you can describe the menu that has been selected, but in this bet you can choose the game menu freely and at least have to choose 3 parties to guess correctly in order to get the agreed money salary.



This type of bet is also called guessing the champion, which is generally not available at all times and is only opened at the start of one league and one championship period and on average can be closed after passing several stages.

But sometimes outright bets are still open towards the end of the period but with lower income odds. Outright is a bet type that is always fun to play and the slow betting flow will keep you awake at all times.

Play Casino Online on Your Favorite Football Gambling Site

The soccer gambling site is one of the sites that provides and focuses on soccer betting. Lots of Indonesian people both in cities and remote areas play this bet. Luckily you will have no trouble creating a bet online. Now many trusted soccer gambling sites have emerged in Indonesia. It’s just that you need to pay attention to which sites are really safe, official, and licensed, just like a gambling site from Indonesia which has become the largest and the most reliable since 2014. They are well known for their competitive and fair gameplay, in addition, their big promotion rewards is the highest in Indonesia market.

Usually these online betting sites not only provide online soccer gambling, they also provide various betting options from other sports, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, racing and many more. So you can make bets from your favorite sports team.

For the types of soccer betting itself also varies. You can place your money for Mix Parlay, Handicap, Odd / Even, Over / Under, Outright or 1×2 bets. Online soccer sites always provide all the convenience for bettors, because according to them this is the most important point in maximizing customer satisfaction.

For those of you who intend to join a soccer gambling platform, we highly recommend choosing an agent that gives you all the conveniences and advantages as well as the availability of various games. The point is if you are bored with playing sports betting or want to find other game interludes such as casino games, they have provided it. So, you also don’t have to bother looking for or creating an account to be able to play online casino.

Casino Indonesia fans must already know which online soccer gambling site provides all of it, even Togel and Agile Ball also exist. So, with all the accessories you will not switch to other gambling sites. Whatever the top 3 casino games you can choose and play are as follows:

Online Baccarat

One of the casino games that are very easy to understand the rules of play and easy to win. You only choose the banker or player who comes out as the winner. The picture percentage of baccarat is 50% of the player and 50% of the bank, if you play it carefully, your chances of winning are even greater.

sic bo online

Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is a dice game in which this game is most in demand by casino lovers as an alternative to their favorite game choices when they are in an online casino. The Sic Bo game uses three dice, how to play you have to guess the dice output number, namely big, small, odd or even.

slot game

Slot Game

Online casino slot games are games that are the third choice for fans of casino gambling. Where this game is able to give you a big jackpot and can be cashed immediately if you are lucky and manage to win it.

With the detailed explanation above, so don’t wait and reconsider, immediately register yourself with there casino soccer gambling that you can trust.