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Types of Betting in Sportsbook Online Gambling

The world of sports is a big business.

Various sports that exist like agen bola sbobet which is famous for their sportsbook online gambling in entire country have their respective potential and include one of them soccer or what is known as football. Betting balls that run in this world have a huge flow of money rounds. Every week there are hundreds to thousands of soccer matches that run around the world and can be played in real time via soccer gambling sites like Sbobet that exist today. This has led to the growing interest in soccer betting not only from the fun and hobbies of the ball itself.



Since the first handicap has always been the most idolized bet not only on soccer gambling, because handicaps are also played in other sports betting. Not only in Indonesia but all over the world.

This handicap bet arises because of the difference in quality between the two teams that will compete. These different conditions and qualities are why handicaps are needed and given from a stronger team to a weaker team.

Suppose team A who is rated as stronger gives 1 ball to team B, then if the competition stops with a score of 1-0, then team A wins the bet it still draws because B received 1 ball and made a 1-1 score in a bet.


Over Under (OU) or Over Under

OU betting is also the 2nd famous bet after handicap. This betting category likes to be played because of the simplicity of betting it offers.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned soccer bettor, you can easily understand and remember this betting plan because what you need to predict is not which team can win and lose but the number of goals from a match.


Correct Score or Guess Score

Guessing the score of one match for two 45 minutes is not an easy matter because there are many aspects that cause a tournament to run that can affect the outcome of a match regardless of how well you guess.

Therefore, guessing the real score bet is not a profitable bet. But there is always a certain pride in being able to guess the exact score of a match, especially for bettor mania who like to be challenged.

how to bet on sportsbook gambling

1 x 2 or Home Draw Away

Disturbance of understanding handicaps that are quite difficult to understand for gambling beginners can be removed if you bet on this 1 X 2 bet category. Here you only have to put 1 for the win for the host X for a draw, and 2 for the win for the visitors.


Mix Parlay

Challenge lovers certainly don’t want to miss parlay bets that are difficult to win but challenging to place with lucrative income.

Mix parlay can also be used as a packaged bet.

But in a package, generally you can describe the menu that has been selected, but in this bet you can choose the game menu freely and at least have to choose 3 parties to guess correctly in order to get the agreed money salary.



This type of bet is also called guessing the champion, which is generally not available at all times and is only opened at the start of one league and one championship period and on average can be closed after passing several stages.

But sometimes outright bets are still open towards the end of the period but with lower income odds. Outright is a bet type that is always fun to play and the slow betting flow will keep you awake at all times.

Where do Football Clubs Earn Money From?

Football competitions around the world are being suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. This suspension can lead to financial losses. Losses must be borne by the club and also the competition manager. Europe, which excels in the football business, has suffered the most. Understandably in normal situations and matches, the club will pocket income from two posts; stadium admission tickets and television broadcast rights.

So, when the competition is suspended, and the match is canceled even without spectators, the club will suffer losses. In general, football clubs have six income items. Respectively are television broadcasting rights, stadium ticket sales, prize money, merchandise, player transfers, and sponsorships.


This is the largest income received by football clubs in Europe, the largest nominal received by Premier League clubs. The portion of revenue from broadcasting rights, according to the Deloitte Football Money League, could reach 50 percent of the total income of clubs in Europe in a season.

The amount of money from this post will depend on the number of matches each club broadcast live on television. For example, Liverpool, which in the 2018-2019 season was the English club with the most broadcast rights revenue. Although only runners-up, Si Merah was broadcast live on 29 times and pocketed up to 33.5 million in revenue. If there is no match, that means there will be no live broadcast. As a result, revenue posts for broadcasting rights will drop dramatically.

In England, the Premier League sells broadcasting rights every three years. So since 2016, the Premier League’s biggest sales of broadcast rights have been to China with a three-year value of around £ 560 million. The money is then divided evenly between the 20 Premier League clubs. Per season, 95 percent of television money goes to the club. Only five percent is taken by the Premier League.

Stadium Tickets

Matchday is a time that both clubs and fans look forward to. For the club, this is real money in sight. Especially if the opponents you are facing are big teams or tough rivals with fellow competitors on the winning track. Tickets will be sold out for the capacity provided. It is also possible for the club to earn a decent income if it sells relatively expensive ticket prices.

Manchester United is the club with the largest stadium capacity in the Premier League, 74,994 seats. In the 2018-2019 season, Man United pocketed a total income from spectator tickets of up to 110.8 million.

Meanwhile, Arsenal is the club with the most expensive match admission prices in England, averaging around 95.5 pounds per person. Stadium tickets can also be accepted upfront, which is selling season or season tickets. Season ticket sales get better when a team is able to recruit promising players before the competition starts.

Door prize

Competitions generally provide door prize or prize money for the team that wins or draws. There are also those who provide money to appear, apart from a win or draw, UEFA enforces it in the Champions League and Europa League.

So when appearing in the two events, each club receives a minimum amount of money from appearing per match. If you win or draw, the club will get additional prize money.

Not surprisingly, clubs in Europe are vying for the Champions League or Europa League. For elite teams, the target is to become champions or as much as possible to qualify for the minimum phase of the quarter-finals.

The reason for that was the relatively large prize money – especially the Champions League. The Champions League gave prize money of 15 million euros or IDR261 billion, while the runners-up received 10.5 million euros or IDR182 billion. While the prize money for the Champions League group phase is 12 million euros or Rp.209 billion.

Domestic leagues also provide prize money. In general, the value for money is based on the club’s position in the final standings. So the higher the position of a club, the bigger the prize money.


This is a pretty tantalizing post. The bigger the club’s name and the more the champions, the more sponsors who want to enter with the lure of significant money. Some sponsors came from a whole different industry, like online gambling. One of the few online gambling sites that give sponsors to football clubs is Yukbola, fairly said as one of the biggest online gambling sites in Asia. Providing a lot of choices for your betting option, like Sbobet, Maxbet, Joker123, and many more.

Look at Man United, who tied Chevrolet with a figure of about 50 million pounds. Man United’s ability to hook Chevrolet with a fairly expensive contract number is due to the club’s strong brand, even though Man United is running dry.

Top 5 European League Teams with the Best Defense, Best Choice for Betting

The competition in Europe’s top leagues has lasted more than half a season. The five competitions are the English League (Premier League), Spain (La Liga), Italy (Serie A), France (Ligue 1), and Germany (Bundesliga).

The Premier League can be a competition that has the most attention of world football lovers. The highest event in England often presents exciting and interesting battles in several seasons.

However, this season the Premier League maybe a little less exciting. The reference is clear, Liverpool, who are at the top of the Premier League standings, are too fast and far behind competitors in the title race.

The Reds are far ahead of the top five subscription clubs such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur. Currently, Liverpool has collected 82 points and is 25 points ahead of Manchester City as their closest competitor.

Apart from winning in terms of points, Liverpool also has a pretty good defense. In fact, the record for Jurgen Klopp’s squad is one of the best in European leagues.

The defense sector has a very important meaning in football. Without a strong defense, a soccer team will certainly find it difficult to reach its target.

Legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson once said, “Attacking makes you win games, defense gives you titles.”

This statement may not be true. However, several teams have proven that a good defense can pay off. This season, apart from Liverpool there are four teams in Europe’s top leagues who have conceded the fewest.

Here are the 5 teams with the best defense in the Europa League that you should not bet against. For more information about other betting odds, you can visit our homepage for further details. YukBola offering a service for daftar agen bola terpercaya di Indonesia, with many benefits that surely will be profitable for you.

  1. Inter Milan

Since Antonio Conte’s age, Inter Milan has been the club to win the scudetto this season. La Beneamata is included in the ranks of the prospective clubs for Serie A champions this season with Juventus and Lazio.

Currently, Inter Milan are third in the Serie A standings with 54 points. Of the 24 matches played, the Nerazzurri have won 16 and drawn 6.

In Serie A, Inter Milan have conceded the least number of goals. Until now, La Beneamata’s goal has only scored 22 goals.

The few conceded numbers certainly show Inter Milan have a strong defense. This of course cannot be separated from the scheme that Conte often applies, namely 3-5-2.

The formation is currently quite good at attacking and strong when defending.

  1. Stade Reims

The French club, Stade Reims, is one of the strongest defensive teams in Europe. Stade Reims managed to beat the best clubs in Ligue 1 such as Paris Saint Germain, AS Monaco, or Marseille.

This season, Stade Reims has only conceded as many as 21 goals in Ligue 1. This record makes Reims the club with the best defense in the top caste of French football.

Currently, Stade Reims are eighth in the Ligue 1 standings and outperforming clubs like OG Nice and AS Monaco. Unfortunately, Stade Reims’ solid defense is inversely related to the offensive sector.

Stade Reims has only scored 25 goals in Ligue 1 this season.

  1. Liverpool

Liverpool’s slick performance in the Premier League this season cannot be separated from a solid defense sector. Liverpool’s four defenders, Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomes, Andy Robertson, and Trent Alexander Arnold form the best defense.

In fact, players like Joel Matip are still able to build chemistry with other defenders. This season, Liverpool have only conceded 20 goals in the Premier League.

Apart from having a solid defensive sector, Liverpool also has a good attack. Noted, the Reds can score more than three goals in 8 matches.

  1. Atletico Madrid

It’s no secret that Atletico Madrid has a strong defense. This cannot be separated from the figure of Diego Simione, who is known to often apply a backline that is difficult for opponents to penetrate.

This season, Los Rojiblancos have conceded just 19 goals in La Liga. Despite having a solid defense, Atletico Madrid is actually outside the top four of La Liga.

Diego Simeone’s squad is fifth in the standings with 45 points. Of the 27 matches that have been played, Atletico Madrid won 11 wins and 12 draws.

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid appears more convincing in La Liga this season. This is evidenced by becoming the top of the La Liga standings in Week 26.

Currently, El Real has collected 56 points from the results of 16 wins and 8 draws. Finally, Real Madrid managed to beat Barcelona with a score of 2-0 in the match titled El Clasico.

Barcelona cannot find Real Madrid’s goal in two editions of El Clasico this season. So far, Real Madrid has only conceded 17 goals in the 2019-2020 La Liga stage.

Who Doesn’t Know Franco Baresi? AC Milan Living Legend

Franco Baresi is synonymous with AC Milan. It is not wrong to say that, considering his career in the world of football. So we are here to explain why Franco Baresi becomes an AC Milan legend to this day. Without any further due, let’s talk about how impressive he is through 10 facts that we have already collected.

Franco Baresi Ac Milan

Here are ten interesting facts about Franco Baresi:

  1. Franco Baresi is one of Milan’s living legends. However, he is not a native of Milan because he was born and raised in Travagliato, Brescia Province, on May 8, 48 years ago.
  2. Milan is the only club Baresi has defended during his 20-year career as a player. He started his career at the age of 17 and retired at the age of 37 in 1997.
  3. During 20 years defending Milan, he appeared in 532 matches and scored 16 goals in various competitions. The real contribution of the player who has the nickname Piscinin, in the Milanese dialect, which means ‘little one’, is six scudetti titles and three European championship trophies.
  4. The club highly appreciated his retirement decision at that time. In its form, the jersey number # 6 which is already his is now also retired and is guaranteed not to be used by other players.
  5. In the international arena, Baresi is a little out of luck. His performances with Milan were praised, but his shiny career was also closed because he appeared alongside another legendary Italian player, Gaetano Scirea. As a result, his Azzurri performance was a little stifled and only recorded 81 caps scoring a goal.

Franco Baresi Ac Milan

  1. Baresi also only participated in two World Cup events, namely 1990 and 1994. Even though he began to be trusted to be included in the Azzurri squad at the 1982 World Cup and made his debut for the national team the following year.
  2. On March 4, 2004, by FIFA, Baresi was included in the list of 100 legendary footballers by the world’s highest football organization. Amazingly, Baresi is the only Milan player in the 90s who is included in the list.
  3. In fact, FIFA’s award is only one of several awards he has received since 1989. Baresi has collected six awards in total, and the player of the Century in Milan is one of them. In addition, Baresi is one of a handful of players to win three World Cup medals, namely gold at the 1982 World Cup, silver at the 1994 World Cup and bronze at the 1990 World Cup, making him the only Italian player to have won these three medals.
  4. After retiring as a player, Baresi became director of football at Fulham before returning to Milan as coach of the U-20 youth team in 2002. Four years later, he was trusted to handle Milan Berretti, aka the Milan U-19 team, to this day.
  5. Baresi also has an older brother who ventured into the world of football. The difference is, his brother, who has the name Giuseppe Baresi, plays for Inter.

7 Interesting Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo You Might Not Know!

Who doesn’t know this one footballer? He is Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese footballer and also one of the world’s best talents in history. There are several facts about this superstar that maybe many people still don’t know.

Here are seven facts we have collected, check it now!

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

  1. “Ronaldo” is Not His Real Name

CR7, as he is usually called, was born in Madeira, February 5, 1985. He is the youngest child of Maria Dolores Dos Santos Aveiro, a cook, and Jose Diniz Aveiro, a city gardener. He was born with the full name Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro, and there is no name “Ronaldo” there. But his father is a big fan of the former President of the United States and a formerly famous actor, Ronald Reagan. So he decided to give Cristiano the name “Ronaldo” as his second name, which is actually used today.

  1. Healthy body

Reporting from the NY Post, this professional footballer is 33 years old, but his health condition shows that he is still 20 years old. Ronaldo’s doctor in Italy said that the Portugal national team captain could play to a high standard for at least another four years when he was 37-38 years old. Ronaldo’s body only has about 7% body fat, a figure lower than the average professional footballer who has about 10-15% body fat. He also has 50% muscle mass. The former Manchester United player is also one of the highest running speed footballers globally, which is 20-21 mph (8-9 m / sec).

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo Museum

Having a series of glorious and proud achievements, the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum was founded in his hometown, Madeira, Portugal. Since it was inaugurated in December 2013, the museum has become an important destination that tourists must visit in Madeira. The museum, which is located in the Pestana CR7 Hotel area, offers visitors to get to know more about the history of Ronaldo’s life. A bronze statue of Cristiano Ronaldo will greet visitors.

Unlike the one at Madeira Airport, the statue at the entrance to the museum arguably represents Ronaldo’s signature style when celebrating a goal. This sculpture by Brazilian-born Portuguese artist Ricardo Velosa has become a magnet for foreign tourists. Everyone who passes through the streets of this CR7 hotel and museum takes the time to make fun of selfies with the statue.

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

  1. Expelled from School

At the age of 14, Ronaldo was expelled from school in Portugal. The reason was that he threw the stool at his teacher. He did this because the teacher often teased Ronaldo about his Madeira accent; even the teacher also insulted Ronaldo’s family’s inability at that time. The incident also resulted in the player being expelled from school.

  1. Plastic Surgery

Behind the handsome face of Cristiano Ronaldo, which captivates many women, some facts are quite surprising. It took Ronaldo years to change his face. He does not hesitate to spend thousands of pounds on maintaining his good looks with plastic surgery. The plastic surgery he has done includes changing the forehead, nose, and teeth. One of the most famous plastic surgeons, Dr. Alex Karidis, estimates Ronaldo’s expenditure in a year for forehead treatment at around 2000 pounds. Meanwhile, to erase the lines in the middle of his nose and mouth, Ronald allegedly spent 1500 pounds. For teeth, he put out 800 pounds for just one tooth, wow!

  1. Diligent Person in Donating Blood

It’s not uncommon for soccer stars to cover their bodies with tattoos. However, Cristiano Ronaldo is not interested in doing this so that the Juventus superstar is clean from permanent ink stains. The reason is that it turns out that she regularly donates blood, so she doesn’t want to follow the styles of her tattooed colleagues. According to the NHS organization that deals with blood donations, blood donors must wait up to 4 months from the last day they get a tattoo on their body. Therefore, it is understandable that Ronaldo never got a tattoo on his body. Great!

  1. Have High Jumps

Jumps and headers are indeed one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s deadly weapons. To perfect his great skills, he has a jump higher than the average NBA player. The data was revealed when Ronaldo underwent a series of biomechanical tests carried out at Chichester University in 2011. Quoted from the Daily Mail, these results are that in a stationary position, Ronaldo can jump as high as 44 cm, while from a running state, his jump reaches 78 cm or 7 cm above the average NBA player.

Ronaldo’s jump generates 5G power from the G-force on take off. This figure is higher than the leap acceleration a cheetah makes. Ronaldo can achieve this high jump because he has a very good physical condition. It is said that the upper body’s muscles have a very important role in the height of the jump. The hours spent by Ronaldo every day in the gym allow his muscles to store a large amount of energy, which is then used to enhance his jumps. Very cool!